The International Cider Awards

THE INTERNATIONAL CIDER AWARDS were reintroduced, as an international recognition of excellence in cider production in 2013.

An Award is a recognition, by fellow professional cider makers, that a cider is an outstanding commercial example of its style. The Competitions were first run in 1888 – constantly developed to reflect the global market for beer and cider.

The superb technical installation, including cider in bottle, can, bag in box, cask and keg ensures integrity of product, dispensed to the Judges at the cider maker’s recommended temperature.

Stewards are trained to ensure integrity of pour and dispense to the judges.

All Judges are currently practising cider makers from around the world. With 3 categories and 10 classes, there is a place for every cider, with every cider having a chance of winning – even those new or innovative variations on styles.