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SINCE 1888, the awards have upheld many brewing and cider making traditions, including their own marque of distinction for Award winners who may carry the famous logo on their packaging, point of sale and other material.

Media from around the world is engaged with the event, resulting in widespread media coverage. Brewers, cider makers and marketeers all over the world exploit, to the full, the prestige of winning a medal at this event.

In an age of intellectual property in the form of brand values, such success can give a significant boost to a brand, whether its distribution is local – regional – national – global

Past winners tell us that their Award has helped them to increase their penetration of he market and win new devotees of their products.

Brewers … put your brand in the limelight …
but to do so, you have to enter. 

For information on the 2024 Awards email us on

For media and press enquiries, sponsorship and affinity programmes, or promotional liaison with Award-winners, please contact the above address or email

Krones AG

Manufacturers of brewery process equipment from brewhouse to beer filtration, together with the necessary process control systems.

Barth Haas

The Barth-Haas Group leads the world in the supply of hops, hop products, and services through a team of vertically integrated companies located around the globe. It encompasses every step of the hop supply chain, from the growing of hops to the development and application of specialized hop products for the brewing industry and beyond.


Registration October 2023
Registrations close Entry Deadline Extended to Feburary 16th! Delivery deadlne to March 10th.
Competition will take place 19th - 21st March 2024
Announcements & Festival 22nd March 2024
International Beer & Cider Festival 22nd & 23rd March 2024
Awards Ceremony 1st May 2024
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